Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We believe in international product testing methods & we constantly strive to improve the quality assurance system.
Brief study and strong review of latest technology and upgraded mechaniary to produce the best quality articles.
Daily based group discussion on product to ensure the reliability, durability and quality of each and every product.
Strictly monitoring & evaluation of the performance of our supply chain .


Environmental Protection:

Through study of functional textile chemistry & treatments plants to avoid harmful chemicals & necessary plantation for cost-effective pollution control. We are extremely careful in reducing the air & water pollution factors (Chemo or Biological) to provide a safe & healthy Green Environment in and around our working premises.


Quality Assurance:

Testing under ISO, ASTM, AATCC, Oeko-Tex Standards

Fiber & count testing
Strength testing
Weave, Weight & Tagawa testing
Coloring, Fastness & Finishing testing, etc.


RTQM System:

We have trained QC Team who look after the product on every stage of production.
We issue & discuss production program in detail with the concerned Managers & Quality Controllers and before proceeding further clarify & assure all required parameters & standards.
As per issued program our QC’s carry out all inspections i.e. Online, Pre, Pro and concerned Manager carryout final inspection. All raw data has been forwarded to IT department i.e. fault coding, snaps, real time videos, evidences and precise conclusions, etc. The analyze system records, narrations, reference details, meticulous summaries, etc. which enables us to analyze and enhance product back track, which helps us to spotlight and play down our routine problems (defects, disorder ) right away & henceforth.


AQL & Standards:

We manage all internal quality inspections based on internationally recognized statistical random sampling technique, commonly known as ANSI / ASQC Z 1.4 / MIL-STD-105E / BS6001 / ISO2859. We have Pro-active approach and commitments towards the day by day improvement.


After Sales Backup Support

Logistics support
Door to Outlet quality assurance & support
Uncertain issues handling



ISO (Under Process)
Oeko-Tex (Under Process)
SGS & BVT (Commercial Partners)


Social Compliance Rules:

We strictly discourage & prohibit child labor at our all units. We honor health & safety laws and we have implemented in our units.