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S & S International takes pride in its production plant which is equipped with high-tech machinery of European quality. Our electronic weaving technique not only benefits from quick manufacturing and high quality but also contributes to net price reductions. We weave high-quality plain, twill, Jacquard, duck, and dobby textiles for work-wear, healthcare, and hospitality linen among other things. Our high quality and high capacity Air jet looms are capable of weaving various types of fabrics in massive amount with ease and efficiency. Hence, providing customers with various construction options ranging from the thread count of T-130 to T-300 while ensuring and maintaining sustainability by all means.


Here at S & S, we recognize that fabric processing and sampling is crucial for our company to meet the standards of our customers. Hence, we proceed with each step under the constant supervision of our highly capable project managers. Bleaching and dyeing are required before the fabric is sewn into clothing. But washing is crucial because it helps to ensure that all impurities have been removed and that the dye will adhere better to the material. Fabric is shrunken when drying which ensures a tighter weave and gives fabrics their distinctive appearance. We are opting for efficient methods for carrying out these processes properly that benefit both local and international companies alike.


S & S international not only manufacture but also designs high-quality clothing. We are providing the best in-house OEKO-TEX certified textile printing facility to create original, bespoke, and contemporary prints to bring value to your textile products by introducing innovation, artistry, and beauty in our print designing. Using our digital textile printing services, our clients can create one-of-a-kind clothing as we use high-tech equipment to give our clients uninterrupted printing, cost-effective manufacturing, design versatility, and high dependability.


The stitching stage is critical for ensuring that the product takes on the required form. We carefully and precisely transform the fabric into a final product using various stitching techniques to ensure the best from start to end, from manufacturing the fabric to cutting and stitching the product, care and accuracy is assured throughout the process. Making beautiful things takes time, precision, and care. That’s why we utilize automatic rolling and packaging machines equipped with cameras in order to provide a safe and secure packaging process. From manufacturing products using various stitching techniques to their journey towards final destination. Our goal at S & S International is to provide a consistent service by ensuring quality throughout all processes in order to satisfy client’s needs and ensure their satisfaction with our work.

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